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WePlanet Africa launches campaign to power up the continent

[Kampala, October 16] –Africa is a continent on the horn of dilemma. While it generates the least amount of greenhouse gases - at just 3.8 per cent against 23 per cent in China - it is the most vulnerable continent to the effects of climate change. According to the International


From Zoom Call to Real Change: The making of WePlanet Africa

By Patricia Nanteza In 2020, on a chilly evening in Nairobi, I found myself in front of my laptop screen, adjusting it as I prepared for a Zoom meeting. Mark, a colleague from the UK had requested that I address a group of young European environmentalists, self-proclaimed Eco-modernists, who were


Press Release: WePlanet Africa awards winners of nuclear energy essay competition

[Nairobi, Monday, September 4, 2023] - In a ceremony that showcased Africa's commitment to harnessing the potential of nuclear energy, the winners of WePlanet Africa’s inaugural Essay Writing Competition on nuclear power were honored for their depth, research and insightful perspectives on the subject. Organized by WePlanet Africa, the competition


One guest’s impression of the nuclear energy essay award ceremony

Olivia Kyomugisha was one of the volunteers present on a night that saw WePlanet Africa award winners of the nuclear essay writing competition in Nairobi. She shared her impression of the event, the process and the future of nuclear in Africa. By Olivia Kyomugisha The stage was set at the


A contestant’s travel by bus from Kampala to Nairobi

By Jerome Bright Ogenrwot It all started with the daring move to invade the unknown, traveling all alone on a trip that would be my first visit to a foreign country. The desire was birthed the second I got an invitation to attend the award ceremony, either in person or



Dear Friends of the Earth, WePlanet Africa draws attention to your recent statement regarding genetically modified (GM) food in Nigeria, as reported in the article titled “Why European Countries Reject Kontagora, Potiskum Beans” published by Daily Trust. The coordinator of the Food Sovereignty Program at Friends of the Earth Africa, Ms.


Africa should Adopt Nuclear Energy for a Low Carbon Footprint

In a recent webinar hosted by WePlanet Africa, scientists urged African countries to embrace nuclear energy due to its low carbon footprint and baseload power capabilities. Amanda Mbele from South Africa’s Nuclear Energy Corporation, Abbas Kagudde from Soroti University in Uganda, and Dr. David Otwoma, the former chairperson of the


A new dawn for African science

WePlanet Africa, a pro-science grassroots movement, has begun operations in Uganda and Kenya. The organization aims to liberate nature and elevate humanity through the promotion of ecomodernism, which emphasizes the co-existence of a thriving environment and human prosperity. Patricia Nanteza, the movement’s director, stated that anyone can become a member