University Essay Writing Competition

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African university students were engaged in an Essay writing Competition on Nuclear Energy in Africa

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University Essay Writing Competition




Efforts to ignite a dialogue and encourage innovative thinking


July, 2023

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In july, RePlant Africa launched an Essay Writing Competition on Nuclear Energy in Africa in a bid to foster intellectual engagement and promote sustainable energy solutions on the continent.

The competition, targeted at university students in Africa universities, comes only weeks after WePlanet Africa hosted a webinar a scientists that called for the adoption of nuclear on the continent due to its low carbon footprint and base load power.

According to Patricia Nanteza, RePlant Africa Coordinator, the essay competition is only part of the efforts by efforts by WePlanet Africa to ignite a dialogue and encourage innovative thinking regarding the role of nuclear energy in Africa's future and sustainable growth.

This competition provides an ideal platform for university students to delve into the subject matter, contribute to the ongoing discourse on sustainable energy solutions and showcase their research skills, critical thinking and innovative ideas, "she said, adding that by participating in this competition, students contribute to Africa's energy sector while competing for recognition and valuable prizes.

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