Campaign Details

WePlanet Africa takes part in university climate week

Campaign Name

Climate Week (JKUAT)


to raise awareness about the urgent need for smart & sustainable agriculture practice


September 7, 202

Campaign Summary

RePlanet Kenya joined students of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) on Friday September 7, 2023, to mark the climate week and to raise awareness about the urgent need for smart and sustainable agriculture practices during the institution’s 12th Open Day.

The trio of Timothy Machi, Peter Gichuki and Collins Wafula engaged high school and university students on biotechnology, climate change and the role of nuclear energy in transitioning economies from fossil fuels to clean energy and in powering sustainable industrialisation and innovation in Africa.

Keen to combat climate change and to promote eco-friendly practices, the university’s different departments showcased their innovations ranging from biogas production from waste, turning urine into fertiliser and using 3D printing technology to turn plastic waste into bio-sensors and reusable plastic items. At the biotechnology booth, students showcased displays of vertical farming systems, hydroponics and precision agriculture techniques, highlighting their potential to increase crop yields while minimizing resource consumption and environmental impact.

At the WePlanet Africa booth students were eager to learn more about climate action and how they could contribute to mitigating the crisis of climate change. Sharing a booth with African Young Generation in Nuclear, WePlanet Africa team and volunteers emphasized the urgent need to address climate change and encouraged individuals to take individual action in their daily lives.

Many students expressed their enthusiasm by signing up as members and volunteers of the grassroots network and pledged to incorporate sustainable practices into their personal and professional lives. In what heralds better days ahead, the leadership of JKUAT committed to explore opportunities for partnership and joint initiatives with WePlanet Africa to create a sustainable campus and to empower students to contribute to the global fight against climate change.