A new dawn for African science


WePlanet Africa, a pro-science grassroots movement, has begun operations in Uganda and Kenya. The organization aims to liberate nature and elevate humanity through the promotion of ecomodernism, which emphasizes the co-existence of a thriving environment and human prosperity. Patricia Nanteza, the movement’s director, stated that anyone can become a member and contribute to solving local challenges regardless of their gender, age, religious affiliation, or race. The movement will initially focus on three main areas: food security through the amplification of biotechnology, climate resilience through a 10,000-tree planting campaign and an information sharing campaign on Nuclear Energy for Africa. The organization plans to expand to all four regions of Africa with Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Egypt, and Botswana on the horizon. Anyone interested in joining the movement can do so by clicking here and donations can be made by clicking here.

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