Climate Change & Biodiversity Loss

Climate change is a global crisis that poses a significant threat to sustainable development. But nowhere on the planet are people and communities more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change than in Africa. At great risk are the continent’s unique ecosystems, biodiversity and the livelihoods of communities. Africa is already prone to increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, heatwaves, desertification, erratic rainfall – and if unattended, climate change will only exacerbate these challenges.

We are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change due to our high dependence on climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture.

In the wake of this grim reality, WePlanet Africa will work with communities including women and youths to address the crisis of climate change and its harmful impacts through approaches that integrate climate adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development and resource use.


Our initiatives for climate change adaptation and mitigation include: