wePlanet Africa Joins Kenya in Celebrating the Second National Tree Planting Day


By Ednah Mwango

On Friday, May 10th at 10:00am, we arrived at Mahiga Primary School, in Kahawa West, Nairobi County for National Tree Planting Day. wePlanet Africa partnered with Kahawa Pride Football Club to plant trees and contribute to Kenya’s goal of planting 15 billion trees in the next decade. I represented wePlanet Africa, an organization dedicated to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.  

We were joined by Members of Mea na Mimea Initiative and the Kahawa Sports and Society Alliance, alongside local leaders including the Roysambu Sub County Divisional Officer, area MCA, Chief, and Assistant Chiefs. The occasion was further enriched by the presence of Scarlet Wairimu, a passionate young environmentalist, and a member of the Little Miss Kenya Forest Club 

Together, we set out to plant trees within the Mahiga Primary school grounds to add to the already existing trees. We planted over 50 trees including fruit trees such as Avocado and Guava, and indigenous trees like Grevillea, silky oak and Bishop tree. The combination of fruit trees and shade trees planted at the school will provide the students with fruit while creating a conducive environment for outdoor learning and recreational activities. The students will have the opportunity to study, play, and socialize under the cool shade of the trees, enhancing their overall educational experience. 

During the tree planting event, we took a moment to remember the Kenyans who have lost their lives in the country’s floods. Planting trees served as a proactive measure to prevent future calamities. Planting trees offers numerous advantages in mitigating such disasters. The roots help bind soil, reducing erosion and landslides, they also absorb excess water thus reducing the risk of flooding. Their presence also contributes to maintaining the ecological balance and enhancing biodiversity. 

As we planted trees, we were reminded that the National Tree Planting Day efforts are not merely about planting trees but sowing the seeds of hope and sustainability for future generations. Individual actions as well as collective actions can help to mitigate the impacts of climate change and safeguard our ecosystems. 


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