Perez Mweine: Overcoming obstacles to become a leading voice in biotech


Perez Mweine’s story is about resilience, determination, and a passion for science. Born into a peasant family in Ibanda, Uganda, Perez’s family faced financial constraints, often having to switch him from school to school due to the inability to pay fees.

Despite these challenges, Perez excelled in his studies, fuelled by a deep-seated desire to make a difference in his community.

Exceptional leadership

After completing his primary education, Perez’s academic achievements earned him a place at Kitabi Seminary and Ntare School for his secondary education at ordinary and advanced levels, respectively. He continued to excel, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills, serving as the liturgy prefect at Kitabi Seminary and the 1st Deputy Head prefect at Ntare School.

Perez’s passion for science led him to pursue a degree in Biotechnology at Makerere University. During his university years, he joined the Makerere University Biotechnology Society, becoming its president during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monthly webinars

Recognising the limitations of online learning, Perez initiated the “Biotech Covid Series,” a series of monthly webinars that brought together experts from various fields to discuss biotechnology and its applications. The Biotech Covid Series later changed to the Biotechnology Online Series and is now known as The Biotek Forum.

Perez’s contributions to biotechnology advocacy extended beyond the university. He recognized the need for a supportive legal environment for scientific advancements and the importance of effective science communication. Driven by this realization, Perez organized policy discussions, inviting government officials and stakeholders to address these critical issues.

Perez’s dedication to science communication and policy advocacy led him to join the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) and SynBio Africa, where he played a pivotal role in showcasing the potential of biotechnology for food security and the potential of Synthetic Biology in Uganda and Africa, respectively.

Power of science

Today, Perez Mweine works with WePlanet Africa, an organization committed to harnessing the power of science to address climate change, energy security challenges and ensure food security for African communities.

His journey from humble beginnings to a leading voice in biotech advocacy exemplifies the transformative power of education, determination, and a passion for making a positive impact on the world.


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