Collins Wafula: The making of a street activist


My childhood was painful in many ways. First, there was never knowing when the next meal would come and getting an education was a complete miracle. These two in a way fed my third pain – shyness and a personality crisis. Every waking hour came with an overwhelming wave of self-pity that whistled alongside the morning breeze about how irredeemably inadequate I was.

But that was about to change the moment I became a nuclear advocate. Born in the western part of Kenya, I am the second born in a family of five. What I have come to learn today that are basics, were luxuries when I was growing up. It has taken the hand of God to get me here!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Natural Resources Management with IT from Maseno University in Kenya. I also hold a certificate in Nuclear Energy (Science, Systems, Society) from MIT acquired through the edX online platform.

I am obsessed about science and its ability to sustainably transform society. Many times, if I am not holding a megaphone or a banner on the streets talking about nuclear power and the urgent need for its adoption, I will be applying my fingers and elbows as a masseur – delivering relief to fatigued bodies and minds.

It’s an art I learnt, not from a beauty college, but via online platforms. Through apprenticeship, I tested and sharpened my skills. I am also a passionate digital marketer and rapper. It is something I do for fun but also to pay my bills and help maintain a divide between where I am today and my childhood.

My affair with nuclear energy began while on a field trip in college. I was intrigued with a subject I knew little about except for ‘bombs and war’. My own reading later on started me on a journey where I speak for ‘nuclear for good’ everywhere, everyday.

My biggest motivation is energy independence, especially in the global south. I see nations depending less on biomass fuels and more on clean energy that is reliable, affordable and readily accessible to as many people as possible.

I am passionate about nuclear podcasting and storytelling. Through this, I hope to contribute to informing the public and shaping policy.

I am a travel enthusiast. I love food and the experience of different cultures. I am a movie junkie and would definitely recommend everyone to watch ‘Nuclear Now’ – an Oliver Stone documentary. From the film’s lessons, we all learn to work together for the greater good of our countries.

Since 2018 I have been participating in Nuclear Energy advocacy with Climate Action Bungoma – a Community-Based Organization. I am also the Nuclear Energy Associate with WePlanet Africa. On the global stage, I participated in the Berlin Brandenburg Protest against Germany’s decision to shut down the remaining nuclear power plants and attended the great climate debate during COP27 in Egypt under Nuclear4Climate.

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