Kyomugisha Olivia is a girl of many passions


Kyomugisha Olivia’s journey begins in Kampala, Uganda. She is the third child among five siblings born in the heart of the city. From her early childhood, Olivia exhibited great leadership skills and an unyielding work ethic.

She attended Makerere College School and St. Mary’s Kitende for O’ and A’level respectively before embarking on a remarkable career in biotechnology at Makerere University – East Africa’s premier institution.

At university, Olivia demonstrated her leadership skills–rising to serve as the vice president of the Makerere University Biotechnology Society and turned out as a defender on the university netball team, a passion she had picked up while in high school.

Early career

She started her career as a Junior Analyst at the Uganda National Drug Quality Control Laboratory, contributing significantly to vital research and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. She has also served as Research Assistant at the Bio Economy Coalition of Africa.

As a Tissue Culture Technologist, Olivia’s work directly contributes to the industry’s growth and resilience. Through meticulous application of micro-propagation techniques, she is instrumental in ensuring the production of high-quality coffee plants, thereby positively impacting both the quantity and quality of coffee yields. Her role is not merely limited to daily operations; it extends to pioneering scientific experiments that push the boundaries of coffee breeding, fostering continuous innovation in the field.

Beyond career

Beyond academics and career, Olivia has generously given herself to community service. Currently, she is a volunteer at WePlanet Africa. In the past, she has also volunteered with the Ministry of Health and Path, where she was part of a team that developed initiatives focused on HIV awareness and self-testing, impacting approximately 1,000 individuals over a span of one and a half years. Her dedication and impact in this sphere exemplify Olivia’s commitment to making a difference beyond the conventional bounds of her career.

Olivia’s passion for science extends into various dimensions of her life. As a Science Communicator, she dedicates substantial amount of time to bridging the gap between complex scientific concepts and the broader audience through blogs and articles. Olivia’s advocacy work, marked by a strong commitment to Science Policy making, positions her as an ardent Climate Change activist and Microbiologist.

Her multifaceted approach and enthusiasm for science make her not only a valuable asset in the field but also a beacon for aspiring scientists and advocates.

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