wePlanet holds 3rd Annual General Assembly in Brussels


On March 1-2, 2024, wePlanet Africa joined other wePlanet members from more than 15 countries in Europe and Asia in Brussels for the 3rd Annual General Assembly. During this gathering, a new board was established, and plans for the upcoming year were discussed and shared. Patricia Nanteza (Uganda) and Peter Gichuki (Kenya) represented wePlanet Africa.

Patricia presented details of the ongoing “Switch on Africa” campaign, which aims to achieve 100% clean energy access by 2030. The initiative calls on governments, the World Bank, and other multinational institutions to subsidize LPG cooking gas for vulnerable households. This measure seeks to wean  African households off forests as a source of wood fuel.

The “Switch on Africa” campaign also seeks to promote the adoption of cost-effective clean energy technologies and energy-efficient practices that reduce the overall cost of power for consumers and businesses in Africa.


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