WePlanet Africa calls out Greenpeace on stance against nuclear energy


[NAIROBI, October 13, 2023] – WePlanet Africa, a grassroots movement dedicated to tackling climate change, has called on Greenpeace, an environmental organisation, to rethink its opposition to carbon-free nuclear power. February this year, Greenpeace dragged the European Commission to European Court of Justice over inclusion of nuclear energy in the EU’s list of sustainable investments in what the lobby group says will hurt African countries some of who are now actively seeking partnerships to set up nuclear plants of their own.

In an Open Letter addressed to Greenpeace, WePlanet Africa questioned the organization’s stance against nuclear power, which emits minimal carbon dioxide during operation.

“In so doing, you unwittingly obstruct Africa’s effective transition from fossil fuels and alleviation of the strain on the forests powering most kitchens on the continent through charcoal and wood,” WePlanet Africa said in a letter that was also signed by Eastern African Radiation Association and Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear.

The three organisations called on Greenpeace to drop its opposition to nuclear energy, emphasizing its potential to bridge the energy deficit on the continent and to empower African nations achieve a prosperous future.

“Despite Africa’s abundant natural resources, including extensive uranium reserves, approximately 600 million Africans still lack access to reliable energy sources, resulting in inordinate reliance on wood fuel that is straining our forest cover and exacerbating climate change,” the two-page letter reads.

While noting Greenpeace’s initial reservations on nuclear safety and waste management, the Open Letter challenged Greenpeace to recognize the significant technological advancements made in the nuclear industry.

“The nuclear industry has made notable strides in waste reduction and efficient disposal methods. Advances in reprocessing technologies and the creation of advanced reactors offer effective long-term solutions to nuclear waste concerns,” the lobby groups said in the open letter.

While acknowledging Africa’s renewable energy potential, they highlight its insufficiency to meet current and projected energy demands, as solar, wind, and hydro-electric power are often constrained by geography and weather conditions.

“Nuclear energy, with its consistent and base-load supply, could complement these renewable sources, stabilizing the grid and ensuring energy security for African communities.”

The organisations encouraged Greenpeace to engage with African nations in developing nuclear energy programs, in part, to ensure the implementation of stringent waste management and disposal protocols from the outset.

They implored Greenpeace to reconsider its opposition to nuclear energy, emphasizing that the arguments against it are not grounded in evidence and scientific truth.


About WePlanet Africa

WePlanet Africa is a leading renewable energy organization committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions across the African continent. Through innovative initiatives, strategic partnerships, and resource mobilization, WePlanet Africa aims to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, improve electricity access, and contribute to the preservation of African forests.

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